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Berria bravo 6 2020

The Swedish Textreme carbon produced by Oxeon is a carbon fabric produced using the distribution of fibers in rows instead of conventional groupings with a ‘Spread Tow’ pressing process. This results in less resin being used and a 20% weight saving over traditional carbon. The ICS internal cable routing system, in addition to improving aesthetics, increases weather protection, ensuring optimal braking and shifting performance.
The Active Stan’s rear stays provide great stability in all riding conditions, keeping the tire in contact with the ground at all times, thus providing the rider with great safety and riding comfort.
With the POST MOUNT SYSTEM braking system, we achieve improved braking performance thanks to the direct contact between the braking system and the MTB frames. At the same time we obtain more rigidity in the disc-frame area compared to the traditional system.

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1.899 €BERRIA BRAVO BR 2020 a la carte.TypeBicycles and tricyclesConditionNewBERRIA BRAVO BR 2020 a la carte. Sizes XS, S, M, L. in the two colors of the photos. -BERRIA TOPEGAMA frame, made with the exclusive TEXTREME carbon that gives more rigidity and lightness to the bike. -FOX 32 RHYTHM remote fork. -SRAM NX EAGLE12v groupset. -KLIXX wheels. -SHIMANO MT 501 brakes. -(More mounts to choose from). Price of the offer 1899€ BICISTORE finances to 24 months without interests. More information at [email protected]

Berria bravo 9 2021

This marvel, highly recognized among the professional teams that use it for racing, has helped Tamayo to achieve this important victory with a 4-piston brake configuration and 30-millimeter wide rim wheels.
All based on the innovative 3G concept, created by Berria Bike, which significantly and noticeably increases the performance of the bike, which translates into increased cornering speed, precision in the line and improved braking power, thus allowing total adherence to the terrain.

Price berria bravo 5 2021

After announcing the presentation of the BR Project, one of the must-sees at Unibike was the Berria Bikes stand. The new collaboration between the Spanish-Swiss brand and Oxeon, the manufacturer of the TexTreme carbon with which it makes several of its models, promises a level of technology in Berria bikes not seen until now.
As we don’t want to bore you with explanations about how this Swedish company works with carbon fiber and all its advances in this area, which has led them to be supplier of several F-1 teams or the boats that participate in the American’s Cup, we leave you with this video that explains perfectly what the BR Project consists of. A video so good, that makes you want to run out and buy one of these «Berrias» and go out to the mountains or on the road to make miles.