Bh lynx race evo 2021

Bh lynx race evo 2021

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A toll in terms of weight that they are willing to assume in exchange for having one of the most complete systems. It also forces them to give up another increasingly fashionable and demanded aspect, since it is impossible to install a second water bottle, as this system requires that the suspension elements (linkage, pivots …) have to be in those key points for good performance, and it is incompatible with introducing a water bottle in that space.
The bearings are also self-aligning, so that the pressure of the system itself when mounting them ensures that they are correctly parallel so as not to compromise the smoothness of rotation or the future formation of clearances. Sufficient space has been created in the chainstays to install tires up to 2.4″, designed for the most «downhill» LT setups.
In any case, the 100 mm Lynx Race version we tested already has tires of this size, but with a very rolling profile, such as Maxxis Recon Race on the front wheel and Aspen on the rear. The top of the range models, by mounting the new BH EVO wheels with 30 mm wide carbon rim, allow this «luxury», while those with aluminum rims have 2.25″ tires as standard.

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It wasn’t until 2016, however, that a Lynx with the Race surname was launched. The first Lynx version fully considered as an XC-specific bike. A bike with 100 mm of travel and geometry that, at the time, was already very avant-garde. The 2016 Lynx Race was undoubtedly a milestone in BH’s history, putting it on the international XC map as far as dual bikes are concerned.
The legacy of that first Lynx for XC is now picked up by this second generation that, in Solo Bici, we have had the opportunity to test. Specifically, we have had at our disposal a Race EVO 9.5. This is the second model in price and performance, starting from the top, of the 6 that make up the Lynx Race EVO Carbon range. A bike that costs 7,299 euros and has a very balanced assembly within its price segment.
The Lynx Race we tested brings with it several new features compared to its previous 2016 version. We are not going to expand on each and every one, we already explained it in this article. However, the most novel is the remodeling of its famous Split Pivot system. It has now radically changed the location of its pivot point, from pivoting on the top tube to now pivoting on the seat tube. Just above the bottom bracket.

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Regarding lightness, all the top of the range BH frames use the HCIM technology – Hollow Core Internal Molding for carbon molding, which allows to reduce the weight of the frame to a maximum of 1.950 grams, including the shock absorber.
This new model also introduces an intelligent system to always have the necessary tools available to solve the mechanical problems that can ruin our rides.
The Fast Intervention Tool (FIT) is cleverly hidden in the head tube and integrates the necessary tools to be able to carry out emergency interventions in case of failure. It includes 2.5/3/4/5/6 mm allen keys, a T25 Torx bit, a chain breaker and even an adapter for a CO2 canister (not included).


The Lynx Race MTB-XC bike is an agile, lightweight, top-performing bike that competes in the XC World Cup. Its Split Pivot system ensures maximum pedaling efficiency with suspension that works steadily and progressively.
The 100mm-120mm XC- Marathon Lynx Race bike is built using the HCIM carbon molding technology applied at BH Bikes in high-performance road frames. It incorporates Toray T1100 and T800 carbon fibers.
It incorporates a monocoque frame technology that applies high pressure to the mold to achieve the highest levels of compact material and eliminate inconsistent pressures in the frame that create bubbles and imperfections. This manufacturing system allows us to control and optimize the optimum thicknesses in the different parts of the frame.
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