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You can’t go to Felix Perez in a hurry because he takes the necessary time to attend to each of his customers. And this, of course, lengthens the wait. But, of course, when it’s your turn to be served, you will receive a real customer service, personalized and with assured kindness. In Felix Perez you can take your bike for minor repairs, including repairing a puncture (yes, there are people, and many, who take their bike to have a puncture fixed …), to repairs that hopefully you do not need, such as repairing steel, aluminum and carbon frames, all at prices lower than the standard average, I assure you.
In bike mechanics, the times, since the demand they have is so high that they usually take longer than we would like to deliver the repaired bikes. In bicycle sales, the availability of certain mediocre brands like Mendiz that, from my own experience, offer guarantees that they do not fulfill, as you can see in this post on why I would not buy a Mendiz again.

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La edición 2020 del Tour de Francia es la primera vez que el Tour de la Beca comienza a finales del mes de agosto. Nunca se ha programado 2 meses más tarde de lo previsto originalmente y nunca ha empezado tan tarde.
La edición de 2020 es una edición muy dura, con muchas etapas de montaña y muy pocas oportunidades para los velocistas. Los velocistas tendrán hasta nueve oportunidades de las 21 etapas. Las etapas de montaña podrían ser algunas oportunidades extra dependiendo de la capacidad de los velocistas para superar las colinas. Pero esas mismas etapas serán igualmente disputadas por los todoterreno que intenten llegar a la meta por delante del pelotón.
Se dice que «el Tour se gana en los Alpes», veremos si el dicho se cumple también este año. Este año hay muchas subidas empinadas. A pesar de un largo periodo sin competición entre marzo y junio, los corredores empezarán a sentirse cansados en la tercera semana que termina en los Alpes.
El pelotón del Tour de Francia 2020 está formado por 22 equipos de 8 corredores cada uno. Esto representa 176 corredores únicos con sus habilidades y talentos únicos. También son 178 bicicletas que reflejan a su propietario, un escalador, un velocista, un gregario o un polifacético.

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«The world of bicycles has undergone a great technological revolution in the last three decades,» says Pérez. A transformation that has made workshop work more specific and that there is «less manual labor and more computer work». But he does not believe that repairs have become more complicated, but rather the opposite, as now it is more a question of changing parts than fixing them.
The cycling market has also undergone major changes. Perez points out that globalization has increased competition, with a consequent reduction in margins. «Today there are stores that sell equipment at cost price,» he laments.
He also thinks that there will be more sifting of points of sale. The most disadvantaged, in his opinion, will be those stores that bought into the «fashion» of starting up cycling stores «without knowing the trade».
Looking to the future, he affirms, categorically, that «physical cycling stores are not going to disappear». But there will be fewer of them and the business model will change. Pérez believes that brands will sell directly to the consumer through a network of points of sale distributed geographically to cover the entire territory and that they will have strategic agreements with certain suppliers. «The stores will live from the workshop and not from bike sales,» predicts the shopkeeper, who emphasizes that «nowadays, many times the range is already more with the workshop than with the sale of bikes».

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Cycling is a drug or a vice. Above all, healthy. It comes from what happened last May 22 in the vicinity of the Naturalario Municipal de Coslada, in the heart of the Parque del Humedal. In the evening hours of a Sunday day, which by this time close to summer invite you to rest or walk more than to get on a bike to compete, the opposite happened. More than one hundred participants registered this traditional and popular appointment with the BTT in the Corredor del Henares.
The CEC Coslada-Bicicletas Salchi also had its share of places of honor. Apart from this third place of Salas, highlight the triumph of Sergio Gonzalez in youth, ahead of Antonio Rodriguez and Susana Lopez Pueyo female Susana, also with the colors of the hosts of Ivan Martinez. In master 60 both Julio Martínez Lorente (2nd) and Antonio Matamoros (3rd) managed to climb to the podium, but surpassed only by Ernesto Gallego (Crossbiker Pina Team), who has regained his best version in 2016. In master 40 Carlos Esteban was the one who took the cat to water, with Iván Sánchez finishing second and Salchi Roberto Pascual Antón, third.