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The international coverage of the 103rd edition of the Giro d’Italia (October 3-25), produced by RAI, will cover four and a half hours of the race live and will be broadcast on five continents, in a total of 185 countries around the world.
In Italy the race will be broadcast by RAI, in France by La Chaine L’Équipe, in Switzerland by SRG SSR through the Italian-language RSI channel, in Wales by the S4C channel and in the Basque Country by EITB .
In the Americas the Giro d’Italia will be broadcast live on the Fubo.TV and FloSports platforms (in the United States and Canada) and on TUDN in Mexico and Central America, while the ESPN network will cover the race for Brazil, the rest of South America and the Caribbean.

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Eurosport; alternates the different races of the season on its two channels, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, plus the Eurosport Player application (Under subscription). In Eurosport Player, you can watch the broadcast without commercials.
Eurosport Player, is contracted by monthly or annual subscription; from its web page. It is possible to be seen by the Web, or by App. By subscribing to Eurosport Player, you have the two Eurosport channels plus exclusive retransmissions of Eurosport Player. In Eurosport Player, cycling broadcasts are commercial-free.
The day on TV will begin with an hour of «Villaggio di Partenza» on Rai Sport +HD, a program that will include the presentation of the riders and the pre-race interviews, to be followed on the same channel by «Anteprima Giro», at the start of the stage and until 14:00.
For the main part of the program, the schedule of the Pink Race is transferred to Rai 2, with «Giro in Diretta» until 4:15 p.m. and «Giro all’Arrivo» immediately after, for the account of the culminating phases of each stage up to the finish line scheduled for 5:15 p.m.. Immediately after, the traditional post-race analysis of the Processo alla Tappa, which usually lasts 45 minutes, with no need to change channels.

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Actualización del 26 de mayo: Cada año, el Giro de Italia sigue creciendo, lo que es justo para la mejor carrera del ciclismo, que este año celebra el 150 aniversario de la unificación de Italia. Se calcula que 350 millones de personas verán las imágenes proporcionadas por el excepcional equipo de cámaras/producción de la RAI. A continuación se muestra un trabajo en curso para la cobertura en directo y en diferido del Giro de Italia 2011. La mayoría de las transmisiones en directo estarán restringidas por país, pero los enlaces sin restricciones aparecerán en negrita. Vuelve a comprobarlo en el momento de la carrera para ver más enlaces. No dudes en enviar fuentes adicionales de vídeo en directo, cobertura televisiva o actualizaciones de texto/marcadores a medida que se vayan conociendo. – Steve

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