Peloton ciclista de cantabria

Peloton ciclista de cantabria

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Let’s get down to business, I really want to share with all of you what Cantabria has to offer. To whet your appetite I am going to show you one of the mountain passes that has surprised me the most: Estacas de Trueba. This pass that joins the Pasiegos Valleys in Cantabria with Las Merindades in Burgos is one of my favorites due to its beauty. It is not one of the mountain passes that I will show you in this selection of the Hors Categorie Cántabros, as it is not hard enough, but it is a perfect sample of what we can find in these parts.
There is a plan B for this area. The Collao Pelea. If we take the detour in Bejes, a town located in the middle of the ascent to Salto de la Cabra, we find almost two kilometers that run on concrete, absolutely wild, which makes up a total ascent that scares. It is true that it has less than 8 kilometers, but I think it has earned its place among the Cantabrian giants.
La Lunada is one of those passes that leave you marked, for its constant spectacularity, for its immense beauty. In terms of hardness, as you can see, it fits in by the skin of its teeth among our Hors Categorie, although hardness has many nuances, always. It is not the same to do a flat stage and finish in La Lunada or to chain Alisas, Machucos and Lunada one after the other, without a flat meter between them. You will agree with me that the legs are not the same in one stage or another.


Almost 150 kilometers to start the race, with a fairly broken itinerary, where there will be no major mountain passes to face, but a continuous up and down, which could end up causing significant fatigue in more than one cyclist in the face of that final attempt with the double pass through El Churi.
«I would divide this first stage into two parts. The first would be the circuit that climbs twice the Alto de Ajo, being an ideal terrain for a fairly large breakaway to form, and to see, being the first day, which team takes responsibility in the peloton, as always on the first day there are doubts about who will be the team that takes the reins.
As they say «the third time’s the charm», and in the case of this Vuelta a Cantabria 2021 it will be very true. As Iván Cobo points out, it is more than evident that the men who come to fight for the overall Cantabrian will have their sights set on this day, since on paper we must classify it as the queen stage, the one with the chaining of the two hardest passes of the race, El Caracol and La Braguía, and with the final wall to the Cuevas del Monte Castillo, where the new champion will be crowned.

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In addition, the protocol stipulates that the temperature of the cyclists must be taken and that they must wear a mask before and after the competition, as well as that those who form the caravan of the race must respect the distance recommended by the health authorities.
The Vuelta a Cantabria will gather on its roads 175 cyclists from 25 teams and given the demands of the race and the special conditions due to the pandemic, it has become the reference of national and even international cycling in view of the scarcity of competitions.
The test involves the payment and coordination in advance of more than 300 hotel places for the teams, organization and media, so it is necessary to develop a specific security plan that includes the use of local police from various municipalities, Civil Protection, health services, emergency, motorcycles link, Civil Guard Traffic, and so on.
Given the exceptional nature of the situation, the organization is offering fans its own television channel -through Sportpublic TV platforms- to follow the presentation of the Vuelta, which will take place on September 2 at 18.50 in Ampuero.

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The Vuelta a Cantabria cycling race will be held from September 2 to 4 and will have the participation of 28 national teams, in addition to the Japanese national team, to complete a peloton of 163 cyclists. Among the candidates to find the successor of Xabier Berasategi, winner in 2020, is Eugenio Sánchez from Calpino. The Lizarte rider has already reached the optimum level after the break and faces the Cantabrian round with guarantees of success. His idea is to add a new round to his list of victories after winning the Zamora round and doing a great job in the Madrid round.
The Vuelta a Cantabria will conclude on Saturday, with what is called to be the queen stage of the round. It will be 148.4 kilometers, starting in Puente Viesgo and finishing in the Cuevas del Castillo. If the ramps of El Caracol and La Braguía -both of second category- have not sentenced the race, everything will be decided in the ascent to the Cuevas del Castillo. There are 1.4 kilometers at an average gradient of 6.1% and stretches reaching 9.4%.