Specialized tarmac s works

Specialized tarmac s works


The advantages of hot asphalt pavements, in addition to their economic value compared to other types of pavements, are their fast construction and easy and inexpensive maintenance.Micro AsphaltCold micro asphalt is a bituminous mixture manufactured and spread at room temperature, which is used to improve the surface characteristics of soils.
In those cases where the pavement does not present major structural problems or deformations, cold microagglomerate is a very efficient and economical solution for pavement preservation, both preventive and curative. Likewise, cold micro-agglomeration can be very effective in combination with other low-cost techniques, such as punching crack sealing or localized patching.
BinderBinder or intermediate asphalt is a mixture of processed and crushed aggregates plus a CA-24 asphalt cement, which is produced in an asphalt plant in a hot process. It is applied as a support layer under an asphalt layer.


At ASFALTOS VICÁLVARO, S.L. – OBRAS Y SERVICIOS, we have always been committed to maintain a solid proximity to all our customers: for this we have a high qualification of our technical and human resources, which have been imbued with that culture of rapid response to the customer especially in the resolution of the various problems that brings the activity of our sector.
In ASFALTOS VICALVARO, S.L. – OBRAS Y SERVICIOS we have a complete service of sale of bituminous mixtures. We offer both direct sales service in any of our production centers and transport and extension at the point indicated by the customer. Ask for your budget to measure and without any commitment.
ASFALTOS VICALVARO, S.L. – OBRAS Y SERVICIOS offers its clients an extensive fleet of its own machinery, which allows us to respond quickly to requests for the execution of works, as we do not have to depend on third parties. The main mechanical means are:

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Our customers asked for it and we made it happen! One of the major factors of asphalt deterioration is its reaction to water, which causes potholes and holes during the rainy season. In ASPRO’s laboratories we have created an innovative hydrophobic asphalt, with a patented formula and highly resistant to water (94% affinity with stone, boiling test) verified by the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT).
HCD is an alternative fuel that arises from the need to reuse petroleum residues. This contributes to solving environmental pollution problems caused by petroleum-derived raw materials that have no value in the market.

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the company JG ASFALTOS EIRL. It has a team of professionals trained to perform service work in the maintenance of roads or purposes as well as dedicated to distributing quality asphalt products. For more information contact: cell: 945139964/ 985675554. Visit the web page: www.asfalto-rc-250.com Correo:[email protected]
J & A ASFALTOS EIRL We perform complete asphalt work 1 2 3 «according to your request in real time and perfect finish – AsFaltO RC 250 J & A ASFALTOS – Slow Asphalt Emulsion J & A ASFALTOS – Fast Asphalt Emulsion J & A ASFALTOS Asphalt CEMENT J & A ASFALTOS Glue for majolica J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Cement J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Pitch 160/180 J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Emulsion J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Emulsion J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Emulsion J & A ASFALTOS – Asphalt Cement J & A ASFALTOS Hard Pitch 160/180 J & A ASPHALTOS – Tar (Waterproofing) J & A ASPHALTOS – Asphalt MC 30 J & A ASPHALTOS – Pen 60/70 J & A ASPHALTOS – Asphalt Cement 85/100 J & A ASPHALTOS TRAFFIC PAINTS – MC 70 – RC 70 – Others. Phone: 689 – 6281 Cellular: 945139964 985675554 Nextel: 412*3877 Rpm:*6264555

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